ATS - System Flexibility

ATS is simple to use and self-intuitive. With capability of customizing the all the field attributes and switching on/off functions in transactions, user can easily customize the application into one that looks and feels a custom designed application.

You can use ATS software with or without bar code equipment. Following are options on bar code equipment that can be used with ATS software:

  • Portable Data Terminal  - The 2410 batch terminal is a handheld computer with built-in bar code laser scanner.  It is a powerful mobile tool that can be used with ATS system - to perform physical inventory or conduct asset audit.  Just scan the location and asset bar codes and then upload the data to ATS to update records. 

  • Thermal Transfer Printer -  You can generate and print bar code labels for the asset items from ATS software.   The EasyCode C4 is a desktop thermal direct / thermal transfer printer with compact and sturdy design.   Its easy-to-use, fast  and quality printing and affordable price makes it perfect for asset tracking application.   We also supply labels and ribbons for it. 

  • Preprinted Bar Code Labels - We also supply high quality preprinted bar code labels.  They are made of polyester material and optimized to survive hostile environments...chemicals, solvents, temperature variations, UV light.  The labels are made on your order with your company name and your specified sequential numbers, and they are very affordable too!   

  • Bar Code Reader -  A Keyboard Wedge laser or CCD scanner can be used in the workstation where ATS runs.  It helps to speed up transaction time and increase accuracy and efficiency. 

system flexibility
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