Pre-printed Bar Code Labels

We supply high quality, custom made, pre-printed bar code labels for asset tracking and item tracking applications at very affordable cost.

The Part Number 200 and 240 labels we offer provide optimum scan performance combined with maximum endurance.  Each part number is engineered to survive hostile environments…chemicals, solvents, temperature variations, abrasion, and ultra-violet rays.

These high performers are noted for their success in identifying and tracking work in process in a myriad of manufacturing and industrial environments… assuring maximum durability teamed with 100% accuracy, first scan, every scan readability.

Pt# 200
2" x ¼" (50.8mm x 6.35mm)  

  • White polyester with acrylic, high temperature adhesive, clear coated.

  • Maximum 8 digits in bar code numbers, full alphanumeric.

  • Recommend for small parts tracking, quality control purpose



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