Portable Batch Terminals

Portable batch terminal with integrated laser scanner is offered as one of the key features of our systems. All of our software system has built-in drivers and programs for data collection using one of the terminals we recommend.


The durable Intermec 2410 handheld weighs less than 14 oz. and is suitable for batch applications in retail, commercial and light industrial operations.  Powered by Lithium Ion batteries capable of a full-shift charge, the 2410 delivers functionality and mobility ideal for in-store audits and inventory restocking.  Data collected on the 2410 can be quickly and conveniently uploaded to the host computer through either a serial communications dock or direct RS-232 adapter.  Click on the image to download product PDF.

The rugged and economically priced Intermec 2420 handheld is a full-featured batch computer suited to inventory control, asset management, item tracking, maintenance management and other offline data collection applications.  Featuring a large display and full keypad, and supporting a variety of scanners and memory configurations, the 2420 delivers functionality and ease of use in the most demanding environments.  Click the image to download product PDF.                      
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