The flexibility of the systems we provide makes them easy to fit into many applications and variety of industries and government agencies. At Austech, we are committed to provide our customer the best technology and the most cost effective solutions for their specific business requirements.

Record Files Management and Tracking

You need to manage hundreds of thousands record files that have been check in and out daily from your record room?
iTrax system is your solution!

Examples such as:

Banks - to help them tracking certificates and precious items in their vaults
Stock Brokerage Firms - to help them tracking their clients file records
Government Agencies - to help manage documents, tax returns, and much more…

Just a few clicks and key strokes, the user can easily customize iTrax into "File Tracking System", and get information on who loaned the records, where the records has been sent to, for what purpose, and when the records are due back for return.

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