Demo Equipment Tracking

Corporation with large pool of sales and demo gear that need to be tracked?
iTrax can help!  iTrax can give you the information on where is a particular piece of equipment you are looking for, what equipment has been sent to a trade show and when they are coming back.  You can also track the information on third party loan, give the manager a list of equipment that have been out under him (her).

Example industries:
R & D laboratories - to help tracking testing gears, samples, tools and etc.
College and Institutions - track items loaned to students

Evidence Tracking

Losing track of crime scene evidence can permanently cripple the ability of the police or district attorneys to investigate and prosecute criminal offences. Evidence or seized criminal items are often transported from police offices to courts and lawyers and needed to keep track of their locations and users.
iTrax can help speed up handling process, increase the accuracy and accountability, and reduce amount of paper works.

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